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Using InteDashboard to conduct Team-based Learning

Why should you use InteDashboard to do Team-based Learning? InteDashboard empowers universities to deliver consistent team-based learning classes and promotes active and collaborative learning environment for students. Length: 2.43mins How to do Team-based Learning using InteDashboard? Digitize team-based learning classes with InteDashboard. By Automating Readiness Assurance Tests, Applications and Peer Evaluation and improve students learning… Continue reading Using InteDashboard to conduct Team-based Learning

About InteDashboard

What is InteDashboard? InteDashboard is a cloud-based web application used for team-based learning (“TBL”) quizzes, cases and 360-degree peer evaluations. Let’s watch the video to learn more about InteDashboard! Length: 2.16 mins All about InteDashboard InteDashboard was conceived by a passionate team of team-based learning educators at Duke-NUS Medical School with the mission of enabling… Continue reading About InteDashboard

About Team-Based Learning

What is Team-based learning? Wondering why your classes are structed this way? Team-based learning, a collaborative learning strategy, was developed in the 1970s by Dr. Larry Michaelsen who was a Professor of Organization Psychology. With TBL, he devised a new way to continually engage you – the learner – and your teammates in deep and… Continue reading About Team-Based Learning