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About Team-Based Learning

What is Team-based learning?

Wondering why your classes are structed this way?

Team-based learning, a collaborative learning strategy, was developed in the 1970s by Dr. Larry Michaelsen who was a Professor of Organization Psychology.

With TBL, he devised a new way to continually engage you – the learner – and your teammates in deep and complex problem-solving while also making sure individuals and teams are better prepared for the workforce.

Let’s watch an introductory video to learn more about Team-Based Learning by our very own founder!

Length: 2.19 mins

Still unsure of how Team-based Learning (TBL) works?

This guide will provide students with a brief introduction to TBL, an explanation on how TBL works, and how TBL can enhance students’ overall learning experience!

How is Team-based learning different from traditional lecture classroom?

Unlike your typical classroom where you will sit and listen to your instructor for the majority of class time, Team-based learning is one kid of “flipped classroom” so that lectures are kept to a minimum and most of your class time will be used doing creative, complex, and fun problem-solving applications with your team.

Length: 1.55 mins

What are the benefits of Team-Based Learning?

Team-based learning is structured where students are continually engaged in learning with their team, and avoids typical issues with group work (e.g., not doing your fair share of work, splitting up work to avoid interaction), TBL not only forms cohesive teams over time but cultivates engaged and active learners.

Length: 2.42 mins

Why should educators switch to Team-Based Learning?

Team-based learning is a collaborative learning approach that has been shown through science to benefit you as the student. If you are new to TBL, we encourage you to trust the process, embrace the challenge, and have fun.

Length: 2.11 mins

Want to Know More?

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